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Bright Side

A young girl once lived in a small, yellow house at the end of a dirt road.

To the left of the house, there were beautiful flowers that reached high into the sky in vibrant shades of blue and pink. There was a long, soft field of green grass and tall trees with long, flowy branches. Bees buzzed and birds chirped; the sun always shined.


To the right of the house, however, there was nothing of the sort. There were dead plants that barely reaches up to one’s knees in haunting shades of brown and gray. There was a patched, rough strip of dull dirt and old chairs with rotted, dirty arms. The only sound was the howling of demons; the sun never shined.


The girl’s bedroom window faced to the left of the house so that every morning she woke up to the radiant sunlight and the dazzling green trees.
The door to the girl’s house faced to the left of the house so that every afternoon she walked out into the spectacular beauty and light of the garden.


Every day, she spent her days taking in the tranquility of the garden.
She planted more flowers, never walking through the dirt and debris on the other side of her house.
She buzzed with the bees and sang with the birds, never going to sit on the old chairs on the other side of her house.
She bathed in the sunlight, never taking notice of the screams and howls on the other side of her house.


In this way, the girl blossomed and bloomed, over on the bright side of her house.
In this way, the girl never confronted the demons right next to her, simply because she never looked at them.

It was never necessary when the bright side was better anyway.

– Lexie Brooke 🙂

P. S. I hope you enjoyed this piece of creative writing, it was inspired by the common phrase/quote “look on the bright side of life”.


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