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poem: your name


do I keep


your name?

your name,

that I said between giggles

showing each other

pictures on our phones.

your name,

that I cried out in frustration

lighting the Bunsen burners

in a science lab.

your name,

that I whispered under my breath

sneaking in a joke

between the teacher’s lectures.


your name,

that I say with a small smile

speaking calmly

though I feel like screaming.

your name,

all that is left

besides the pictures

and the now one-sided memories.

your name,

that will never again pop up on my Google Drive

that will never be put on a high school diploma

that will never again say mine.

your name,

a never-forgotten memory

of a life well-lived

always on my mind.


– Lexie Brooke 🙂


creative writing

stardust and spirit: for Sarah

a shooting star herself –

a child of the universe,

made of stardust and spirit,

in love with the moon.

her soul wanders  –

roaming through outer space,

searching for constellations,

while we search for her traces of her here.

her light sparkles on earth –

beaming through the wildflowers,

glowing through the sun,

ever-present and ever-brilliant.

a bright spark of passion –

burned out too soon,

but shining eternally

in the stars.


– Lexie Brooke 🙂