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creative writing: let them in

I live alone in my mind. I do not let anybody else live there, or even stay in the guest room for the weekend. Nobody comes in and nobody comes out. Maximum security. This is my policy. I do not let anybody in.

I do not share my thoughts. My deepest passions and darkest secrets are mine and mine only. The thoughts that I think the most are never more than thoughts; I never turn them into words. I will not let anybody in.

I talk to myself when I am alone. I voice my opinions in the shower, in the car. Always alone. Then, I get out of the shower or the car and I laugh and chat with my family, my friends. I am happy, but they do not know me. I can not let anybody in.

I dream of another world. I think about what might happen if I could say anything that pops into my head right as the idea enters my brain. I think about what might happen if I did not wait days or weeks or months or years before sharing my ideas. I want to let somebody in.

I long for some company in my mind. I want to open all the doors and windows, to make my mind an open house, to decorate with my thoughts and ideas instead of pushing them out, to let my neighbors in. My neighbors, who have been wishing for just as long as I have to open their minds to me.

I will not wait.

I will let them in.


– Lexie Brooke 🙂

P. S.  Never forget to share your magic!!